Saturday, March 23, 2013

7 Day Rogue-like progress

Here's the latest version of my 7DRL game :)

Unity Web Player | WebPlayer

- Right click to move
- Left click to attack (make sure you pick up the sword first if you're in the old dungeon)
- Any key or button to progress dialogue
- Shift to backpedal (handy for hitting enemies safely)
- Hit E to immediately kill the boss (he's otherwise invincible right now, but feel free to try sword him to death :P)

- Sunglasses up attack
- Boots up speed
- Smartphone to suck life from those around you
- Heart to add to your maximum health

- Add models for ranged enemies
- Animate models via script / model swapping
- Add more SFX for various things
- Track more stats in pause screen, for the lols
- Use dialogue panels to explain game mechanics as you pick up items
- Integrate dart-shooting walls into room generation
- More kinds of enemies / different AI for more interesting combat

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